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Starting July 1, 2024, you will be able to sell your products on, paying a much lower commission than you do on other e-commerce sites.

Prohibited Products

  • 1 - Product categorized as illegal according to Venezuelan laws.
  • 2 - Any type of drugs, including:
    • Narcotics in any form.
    • Prescription medications.
    • Tools for making or offering drugs.
    • Seeds for growing drugs (e.g., cannabis seeds).
  • 3 - Products prohibited by the Ministry of Popular Power for Health, including:
    • Products offering miraculous cures.
    • Products containing cannabidiol.
  • 4 - Price-gouging products intended to alleviate situations of tragedy (e.g., floods, earthquakes).
  • 5 - Stolen products. If a report of selling stolen products is detected or received, the report will be sent directly to the corresponding police body.
  • 6 - Counterfeits that infringe intellectual property law.
  • 7 - Any type of weapons, including:
    • Firearms or their parts.
    • Ammunition for firearms.
    • Personal defense knives and blades.
    • Explosives or war material.
    • Military material.
  • 8 - Products that enable identity theft or its consequences.
  • 9 - Products containing malicious software or computer viruses.
  • 10 - Flammable products (e.g., gasoline, diesel).
  • 11 - Products regulated by SUDEBAN, such as savings accounts, credits, or prepaid cards.
  • 12 - Corpses, human organs, animal organs, blood banks.
  • 13 - Offensive products or those that encourage violence, racism, or discrimination.

NOTE: Any product may be removed at the company's discretion.
Updated: 05-21-2022

Cost of Selling on

The cost of selling your products on is 8% of the sale value. There are no hidden costs, and you will only pay once the sale has been securely completed and both parties have reported their satisfaction. For example, if you sell your item for $100, LaCasa33 will deposit $92 to you.

Buying and Selling Procedure

The buying and selling procedure is executed as follows:

  • 1 - List your product.
  • 2 - When someone buys your product, LaCasa33 receives the money and you are informed immediately. Your money appears in your balance as pending.
  • 3 - You must deliver your sold product following the buyer's instructions.
  • 4 - Once dispatched, you must notify the platform immediately.
  • 5 - When the buyer receives the product, they have up to 48 hours to notify the platform. If they do not, the money will be released to your balance, and you can withdraw it.


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